Champagne Carbon - Tradition


Cellar ageing for a minimum of five years and grand crus from some of the most prestigious vineyards in Champagne are what create the magic.

For five generations, the Méa-Devavry family have been cultivating their 15-hectare estate with passion. The grand champagnes that bear the CARBON name owe their excellence to the exceptional quality of their grapes.

The historic skill of fermenting the very best Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs in small oak barrels adds complexity and elegance to the incomparable style of our champagnes.


Son and grandson of the 5th generation of Champagne winegrowers, Alexandre’ destiny appeared preordained.

Carbon is the accomplishment of long and hard reflexion, experiment and work.
We have been testing and experimenting with raw elements, learning how to achieve the purest expression of our vines grapes and soils.
Bringing them together and moving them apart to nurtures notes of fl owers, spices, and brioche. Carbon has composed and mastered the infi nite combinations in order to fi nd the ultimate balance for each of its creations.
This tedious path allows Carbon to now know its range perfectly.
From Brut, Blanc de Blancs Vintages to Rosé, each cuvée owns its distinct aromatic personalities.
Carbon chief characteristics?
Clear-cut and uncompromising.

Esthete, artist, cheeky and creative: he decided not to take over the rein of the family business, but to instead create his own Champagne House.
After more than 4 years of research and development to craft the most perfect bottle, Champagne Carbon was launched with his grandfather’s oldest cuvées.
A dare and a crazy challenge being himself a motor sport, design and high-technology enthusiast.
The creation of the good, much more than the bottle in itself, was what drove his motivation. Different, distinctive, combining tradition and futurism, with UFO tunes is what makes the Carbon tasting experience so unique.
Nowadays, Alexandre is travelling all over the world in order to presenting Carbon.
Following the example of it creator, Champagne Carbon is destined to initiated communties that managed to decipher its codes.

Champagne Carbon - Iconic

Philippe Jamesse

Through Champagne CARBON, we makeevery effort to ensure our wine is imbued with the winegrower’s craft and the purity of its origins.

The most delicate of balancings in order for the stars, planets, life, and mankind to exist. A strong quality running through nature all about us, that enables life to exist on our planet – the «anthropic principle.» Conscious of the driving, energetic presence inherent in this raw material, and of how it is essential to all living things, we connect our wines to the earthbound and star-born elemental force.
Through the Carbon wrap that covers our bottles, we link and fuse two types of energy: the Carbon on the outside, the carbon dioxide of the Champagne bubbles on the inside.In this way we confirm the existence of interactions, with a kind of exchange occurring, and the pure expansion of our wines being nourished by the material adorning our bottles.