To make life itself the impenetrable and invisible — but expressive and expressible — subject of movements.
To hide nothing, neither actions nor passions.
To translate forces and impulses, the power houses of life; to focus not just on style, but on energy.
To seize the light of the night, and transform the colours of the day.
To turn inside out and outside in.
CARBON defies perspectives by imagining making nature perceptible once more.


To have a sense of the outside stretching to infinity, combined with a coalescence in a flash of light at your fingertips. This interior world, nourished on memory, suddenly bursts forth from the shadow.
A reaction occurs: effervescence.
It is visible to all. But what happened before?
Obscurity, the uncodified, the unspoken.
The full meaning of the invisible becomes clear.

Out of the dark

Light: the source of energy for the vine and the grape bursting with juice.
Without it, there would be no reaction, no connection between the carbon dioxide and the preserved elements. By way of homage to this miraculous alchemy, CARBON has recreated this light, on the basis of carbon as its raw material.
A deep black that reflects the magic of luminous intensity and intense colour – wouldn’t that be a contradiction in terms? A contradiction in terms is not CARBON.